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          Lab Products

            Bigloop for Sample Loading

          • Bigloop
          Bigloop 超級

          Product Features

          Suitable for big volume or repeatedly sample injection.

          The internal dynamics sealing structure will protect the samples from pollution.

          It can be connected with 1/16 and 1/8 joint.

          Max.Pressure: 10bar

          Three Types of size are optional: 10ml(Bigloop10)、 50ml(Bigloop50)、 150ml(Bigloop150).

          Technical Specification

          Operating Method

          Connect the Bigloop to the injection valve, first fill it with buffer liquid
          Then use the injection syringe to put the sample in the Bigloop from the bottom by hand or sample pump.(as show in picture 1.) Push the piston down through infusing buffer solution, , then infuse the sample into the column .The piston is sealed ,which can stop the mixture of buffer and sample.(as show in picture 2.)When the piston move to the bottom place, the buffer liquid will enter into the system through by-pass channel.(as show in picture 3.)


          First take down the inner block and outer cover on the top, push the piston down to the bottom, then pour the buffer liquid into the glass tube. Fit the inner block and outer cover on, make sure that no bubble is produced.(as show in picture 4.)

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